My story begins on November 6th of 1972.  I had been asked to donate a kidney to my younger sister.  After all sorts of tests, it was decided that I would be a great match.  So, on that day, I underwent surgery and gave her a kidney.  Three weeks later, I was on dialysis; it was too much for my body.  After three months of dialysis, which in those days was eight hours per treatment, I recuperated to a small degree, and lived for the next 5 ½ years without dialysis. However, I had to take about 50 pills per day which included blood pressure medications and water pills.  This was really against my belief in taking care of my body naturally, and the pills had lots of side effects, causing me to feel awful most of the time.  Although I had very little energy, I forced myself to work and carry on. Finally, in September of 1978, I had no remaining kidney function, and I faced dialysis three times a week for 6 hours per treatment.

Now, I have been associated with kidney failure and dialysis for over 34 years.  Starting so long ago, I had to do most of my own research, listen to my intuition, follow it, and question everything; I had to be my own guinea pig.  Fortunately, we now live in an amazing time, with all sorts of improvements in dialysis.  There are so many incredible things you can do to help yourself and these are explained in my book, Dialysis Success.  My purpose in sharing my information with you, is to provide good keys and solutions that will augment your quality of life, period.