Do you think it's possible to live without kidney function for over 34 years and still have a great life, create a business, exercise 3 times a week, be virtually drug-free, and even  travel to dream destinations like France and Egypt?  Well, I do, and I've done it. Now,  let me share my keys to success with you.

If you are on dialysis or approaching the need for it, metaphorically, your "car has broken down."  However, I have some tools you can use to repair your vehicle, get off the dirt roads, avoid dead ends, and get back on the super highway of life.  With my self-help guide to living well on dialysis, you'll be able to drive a smoother, easier path.

Through shared information and education, people on dialysis can attain an enhanced quality of life and greater success.  Whether you use some or all of my keys to success,  there is something here to help anyone living with chronic kidney disease.

My unique and practical tools for creating a great life have been developed through over 35 years of being on dialysis.   Participating in your health care and taking responsibility will put you in charge of your life.  Being non-compliant and in denial about your situation takes away your freedom to make good choices and to improve your quality of life.  Part of your unique purpose is to deal with this disorder in some meaningful way. My philosophy for success is based strongly on author Viktor Frankl's views, called logotherapy, which I explain more completely in my booklet.  You are a three-fold person made up of body, mind, and spirit, and each of these plays an important role in your ability to create a meaningful life. Here are some of the many topics covered in my book, Dialysis Success:

·                      Alternative Health Care
·                      Aluminum & Dementia
·                      Be Positive
·                      Calciphylaxis
·                      Calcium/Phosphorus Balance for Healthy Bones
·                      Caring for Your A-V Fistula (access site)
·                      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·                      Exercise
·                      Finding Your Passion
·                      Formulas for the Intake of Fluids, Minerals, & Protein
·                      General Well-Being through Supplements
·                      Health & Beauty
·                      Help for Dry Skin
·                      List of Helpful Books & Kidney Organizations
·                      Mind over Matter & Logotherapy
·                      Nutrition
·                      Phosphate Binders
·                      Potassium
·                      Protein
·                      Quenching Thirst
·                      Raynaud's Phenomenon
·                      Salt & Water Retention
·                      Sexual Desire/Libido
·                      Socializing & Food
·                      Traveling
·                      What Your Body is Saying