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Your Testimonials

"You seem to be the ideal role model for people who are on or facing dialysis, and I'm sure your book will help many people." Ginger

"Thanks for the great web page. Your strength and determination is an inspiration. You are my heroine." John

"My daughter located your web site and I have been devouring your information ever since she told me about you. You are so positive and that is the way I approach my life." Mary

"Thank you so much. I'm very grateful for the tips you've given me. Thanks for caring and taking the time to help us out." Barbara

"In the book... Roanne shares new light on optimism, endurance and the inner strength in us all." The staff at Central Valley Dialysis

"Roanne, I recieved a copy of your book from esrd 15 in denver. I started dialysis about 3 years ago and have been on the patient advisory committee for about 1 year. I want to say bravo to you for really covering (in my opinion) it all. Thank you. You are the best inspiration for those that do feel in charge of their health care. I also need to add the Anke is great. Home run again." Ray in Denver Co.

"I thought I knew it all about Dialysis, that is, until I read your book. Now I know little and your book has been a blessing to me. I must share your book with other patients." Dr. Frankie R. Kogel PhD

"Your story is not just an inspiration to those who must deal with Dialysis, but to any person struggling with his/her own human existence. Thank you so much for this gift." Joyce Cohen

"It (Dialysis Success) is awesome! In addition to learning so much about dialysis, I gained a lot of information that is valuable for my own health too. You present everything in a way that is informative but still very precise and easy to understand. Truly, what you have put into this book will change people's lives." Cody Lee

Free Gift of Music
My good friend has offerd some free and fabulous music for you. I love to listen to his songs while at dialysis! It really helps to pass the time.
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